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Giraffe Manor, (Karan) Nairobi
~ courtesy of Viia Beaumanis, special to Billy's House of Charm ~

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The best lunch in Nairobi—possibly the world—is had at Giraffe Manor, located in the smart, verdant suburb of Karan, a 40-minute taxi from downtown. Originally home to conservationist Rothschilds, today, this 1800s manor house is a six-room hotel-restaurant. But what makes it so special is that it’s set in a sanctuary for giraffe—and they amble over to eat right out of your hand. All for the cost of a $60 prix-fixe lunch includes three courses and wine.

If you have children, rest assured, they will lose their minds. Nairobi’s official giraffe shelter is located on the property next door, but skip that for the Manor experience where you interact directly with these lovely creatures rather than viewing them through a fence with the rest of the crowd. After lunch, stop by Isak Denison’s house, which is preserved as a sweet little museum nearby.

GETTING THERE: Fly to Split, Croatia and take the one-hour ferry to Hvar; Palmizana’s speedboat collects you at the harbour.

WHEN TO GO: Winter is cooler than summer.

RATES: Double Rooms: 120 Euros