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Restaurant .:. SweetiePie

In the fall of 2009 the Headmaster and Marco Greco went to New York City for a hair seminar. Orbie was hosting a huge social hair event there for that weekend. So for the 20th anniversary of ANGST the two went together to celebrate. While walking to the hotel after dining with Vincent their dear friend. He pointed out several notable fashion shops and the new eateries.

SweetiePie RestaurantWell, didn't the Headmaster's head spin when he saw what seemed like an ice cream parlor. The large gold birdcage that seats six people in the window was really the eye catcher.

So the plans began from that moment to celebrate the Headmaster's 50th birthday there. The outfit was on his mind immediately his Pink Seersucker Suit and White Ferragamo's. Perfect for this place called SweetiePie. Since that night, there was a lot of talk about the celebration over the next few months.

Amber Jean Baker who is also a graduate here at BHOC had found an article in Elle Living. The Headmaster's 50th birthday in New York wearing his Pink Seersucker Suit and White Ferragamo'sAlso another thoughtful friend found a similar article in an issue of Town and Country. Julie and her son were at Sweetiepie in the photos of these articles with a $75 sweetiepig sundae on the table. Wonderland for sure complete with pink and white parlor chairs,  big pink banquettes and mirrors everywhere.

The Head master was invited to do hair for a wedding in Manhattan shortly after his birthday. This seemed to be the right time to have the party as well. Nine people came for the luncheon, the whole place was alive with energy extraordinaire. The food was amazing from Croque-madame, parmesan baskets with scrambled eggs and perfectly poached shrimp cocktail. The crudites were of equivalent measure.

The staff was perfect for such a magical event. There was merriment everywhere including the fluster around the water closet, which has a small door inset to a much larger more exaggerated door. Once again Wonderland!!!!!

From the gum balls rolling across the floor to the lovely youngster Chloe with her pad of paper and pen in hand to see if all was well. Amazing hospitality and fantasy! Could not ask for a better venue for such an occasion....

Why Billy Loves Sweetiepie

Sweetiepie has a sincere approach to amuse and delight. The style is carried throughout every aspect of this place from curb appeal to your departure. I guarantee your inner child will be smiling its brightest smile ever. billyxoxo