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Dr. Sandra Folk  & The Language Lab

Texts, memos and emails. Reports, presentations and blogs. Most of us spend the majority of our time communicating through our keyboards. And, while there are few things less charming than a badly written email or presentation, did you realize the quality of your writing skills can make or break your career and personal brand?

Dr. Sandra Folk, founder and director of The Language Lab
Dr. Sandra Folk

Dr. Sandra Folk is the founder and director of The Language Lab, which creates customized workshops and programs to help executives and employees improve and refine their communication skills. As an award winning university lecturer, educational consultant, writer and author, Dr. Folk is renowned for her unique approach to improving written communication in the workplace.

Her single biggest tip for successful written communication? Proofread. That doesn’t mean skimming for spelling and grammar. It means reading objectively with an eye for tone, clarity and presentation, as well. Is it well organized? Is its meaning clear to the reader? Does it contain all of the necessary information? Are the attachments actually attached?

The Language Lab’s clients come from a cross section of industries, both national and international, including government, commercial real estate, and finance. It facilitates written and verbal communications for both second language learners and native English speakers. Individual online workshops are also on the way.

If you’re curious to know how your written skills stack up, Dr. Folk has created a complimentary quiz to help you find out. Just go to While you’re there, take a minute to find out more about The Language Lab and check out Dr. Folk’s blog.

Why Billy Loves Dr. Sandra Folk

Sandy’s knowledge is incredibly valuable to effectively sell yourself or your product using the written word. I write for spirit over perfection. I feel here at BHOC, my whimsical style is well placed. If I was to smarten up my writing skills, I would definitely need this wonder woman of Language on my side! billyxoxo