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Author .:. Heather Hartt-Sussman

Heather began her writing career as an advertising copywriter for BCP in her hometown of Montreal, Canada. In 1991, she moved to Los Angeles to become a reporter and editor for The Hollywood Reporter. Two years later she became Editor-In-Chief, Int’l News for TV GUIDE, French Canada, before spending the next 3 years host of E! Entertainment’s The Gossip Show. She contributed to Inside Edition, Extra, Hard Copy, Canada AM, appeared on CNN and  interviewed Hollywood legends like Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, Glenn Close, Bette Midler, Nicholas Cage, and Jim Carrey.

But, after the lights went out and the crews went home, Heather indulged her passion for writing children’s stories. And a few years later moved to Toronto with her sons, Scotty and Jack, and her husband Peter. Today Heather spends her time writing children’s books. Her first in a trilogy of picture books is titled Nana’s Getting Married, and was published by Tundra in February 2010, and distributed by Random House in the U.S. Next year her 2nd book, Noni says No will be released, followed by Nana and Bob’s Big Surprise in 2012.

When asked what her definition of charming is, Heather’s immediate reply was,

“Authenticity....There’s an illusion of not seeing you sweat. To me nothing is more charming than sweat... Realness, grit, real stuff is charming.”

Contact Heather and find out about her upcoming book releases and personal appearances at

Why Billy loves Nana’s Getting Married

Nana's Getting Married cover Nana’s Getting Married by Heather Hartt-Sussman Illustrations by Georgia Graham



This story really struck a chord for me. Growing up, I  was lucky enough to have several special adults in my life. Learning that they could share their attention without diminishing the love they had for me was a huge lesson.

And those of you who know me know that I’m a real softie when it comes to Grandmas. I love that the  Nana in Heather’s book is not a stereotypical old lady. She loves her family, takes pleasure in her grandchildren but she’s also a real contemporary woman with hopes and dreams and a life of her own. One that she’s been waiting to share.

Nana’s Getting Married is a great read for children of all ages. I know you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.billyxoxo

Life in the household with Nana is perfect: freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, wonderful bedtime stories, brand-new mittens and socks and turtleneck sweaters. Perfect, that is, until she meets Bob and spends her time talking on the phone, giggling, having long bubble baths, singing love songs, and putting on makeup! Whatever can a little boy do to get Nana back just the way she was?