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Ulthera Laser .:. Deborah Elias, R.N.

Deborah Elias, Registered Nurse
Deborah Elias, R.N.
Office of Dr. Sandy J. Pritchard
66 Avenue Road
Toronto, ON Canada M5R 3N8 Phone: 416.922.4513
Fax: 416.922.7942

Deborah Elias, R.N., is head nurse and aesthetics specialist at Dr. Sandy Pritchard’s Cosmetic Surgery and Esthetics Practice. And she’s probably this city’s best kept beauty secret.

I met Deborah, where I meet many of my favorite people, in my chair. That’s how I found out she spent the first years of her career working on healthcare’s frontlines at hospitals and clinics. But today she finds more personal satisfaction assisting Dr. Pritchard with surgical procedures, getting to know clients and being able to help them look and feel amazing.

While it’s true Dr. Pritchard is one of the best respected and talented plastic surgeons in the city, not everyone needs - or is ready for - that kind of commitment. That’s where Deborah comes in.

Deborah and the clinic’s team of esthetics experts also offer a full range of proven products and treatments including line plumping fillers, microdermabrasion, fractional light lasers and broad band light (IPL) for rosacea and age spots.

One of the most exciting new tools in her anti-aging arsenal is Ulthera, a breakthrough new wrinkle buster that uses ultrasonic waves to encourage the growth of collagen. This helps restore your skin’s natural elasticity, firm your jawline and erase fine lines. Dr. Pritchard’s clinic is one of the first in Toronto to offer Ulthera.

One Ulthera treatment and I was a changed (and younger looking) man! That’s because one treatment is all you need. There is pain ( Deborah offers pain management), no downtime. The results can be dramatic but they develop over 3 to 6 months, so even your best friend will never guess you’ve “had something done.” And the best part? You won’t need a touch-up for 2 whole years!

So, when is the best time to start anti-aging treatments? The sooner the better, Deborah advises. Not only do the benefits of your treatment tend to last longer, but it can take less time, less effort and less cost to get the results you want. For instance, you’ll get more mileage out of a surgical eyelift at 45 or 50 than say at age 70, when more issues come into play. Same thing with non-invasive procedures for things like wrinkles and sun damage. By waiting, you just pile damage on top of more damage. So it takes more to deal with them.

The biggest misconception clients have, she finds, is thinking that one particular treatment will fix everything. But, in truth, you get the best results by using the right tool for the right job. For instance Botox is great for deep wrinkles on the forehead and lines around the mouth. She often pairs it up with Ulthera so Ulthera’s subtler effects can develop as the Botox kicks in. It takes a few days for this to happen.

Like most reputable plastic surgeons, Dr. Pritchard charges a standard fee for surgical consultations. But consultations with Deborah are free.

To book your free consultation, call Dr. Pritchard’s office at 416.922.4513 or online at And tell them that Bill Angst sent you.

I just know you’ll agree that Deborah is one secret that’s too good not to share!

Why Billy loves Deborah

Left quoteAll right she makes my Mother carrot cakes for every special occasion…
that I go home for. She thinks that is what she does best. Well I know she can do so much more from making great cake to knowing the fine line between great and bad treatments in any of the lasers she and her staff offer. I personally have tried most of the laser treatments at this office. Some scary, but necessary to achieve the results I wanted. Trusting Deborah made me reassured I was in great hands and made it much easier. You too can trust my friend to do her best.Right quote