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Michelle Villet, Founder and editor of
Michelle Villet
Founder and editor

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After working as a beauty editor for some of Canada’s best loved magazines, Michelle Villet found publishing was a little too serious and formal. That’s why these days you’ll find her using her passion for fashion to fuel - the online magazine filled with all sorts of juicy advice, galleries, blogs and reviews on beauty products and trends.

But what I love most about it is Michelle’s unique voice and sense of adventure. Sure it’s fun getting to check out the hottest and hippest products first, but what really lights Michelle up when she’s able to dig up that little nugget of info or insight that makes readers go “Wow, that’s really cool.” Her e-zine is also a great venue for getting more in depth, breaking down the trends and being able to talk about beauty and fashion in a fun, informal way. These days, Michelle is especially proud of the site’s fresh new makeover.

Her best beauty tip right now: Create texture and volume in clean or fine hair with a generous dose of Dove Dry Shampoo before styling. At just $3.99, it smells great, is super affordable. And it works. “I’m lazy,” she laughs. “I want great hair without trying.”

I’m all for that, too!

When asked about the difference is between writing for a magazine and reporting on her own beauty site, Michelle says it’s all about the readers.

When you write for a magazine,” she explains, “you don’t really have much connection. By the time the issue comes out, you’re on to your next assignment. But with my website and blog, I get instant feedback. Readers feel they know me and they call me out on it! It’s really satisfying.

An avid fan of trends, Michelle believes in developing a signature personal style first. Particularly when it comes to hair. She calls it the “Life Cut”. But that doesn’t mean staying stuck in a time warp. She gets me to update her style each season – to give a nod to the current trends without being trend-y. Another – okay obvious – way to update your look is make-up. As Michelle points out, the beauty of make-up is that it does wash off!

She loves figuring out how runway looks can translate into everyday style. For instance, when I interviewed Michelle for this write-up the big make-up trend was dark red goth-style lips. “A lot of women say, ‘I could never try that’,” Michelle reports. But she asks, “Why not?” adding that the drugstore is the best place to experiment. Or, she suggests test driving one of the season’s darker shades in a lip stain or balm.

Her current beauty fave? Armani’s Maestro foundation. “You put it on with a dropper for really dewy colour and coverage without the weight,” she says.

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Why Billy Loves Michelle

Left quoteI have watched Michelle grow into a woman and own her own. See the way she looks with those rosey cheeks and that genuine smile. It's real the way she writes and speaks.
She is honest and this is her truth.Right quote