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House of Charm Manifesto

Welcome students. And get ready for an ongoing education in charm, adventure and style - unlike you’ve ever experienced before!

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Bill Angst. You may have seen me before on TV, in magazines or even in my salon chair. I began as a hairstylist, but over the past several years my role has expanded to include style advisor, makeover mentor and now, headmaster.

Creating this online House of Charm has been a 4 year labour of love. Its purpose is really quite simple.... to give women and men like you the resources, advice and support to create and embrace your own authentic personal style. And to bring charm, wit and passion into every part of your life. To your left, please meet my school’s debonair Dean, Montgomery, and Minnie, our resident Doyenne. Both are proud graduates of my school and both embody their own sense of charm and style.

Feel free to explore our ongoing curriculum of articles, reviews and adventures. Find activities for little hands in the Children’s Playground and visit the Adult’s Playground for music and fashion adventures.

Style is not about chasing trends, it’s about getting real, about being yourself. It’s knowing how to interpret trends and adapt them so they work for you. And ignoring them when they don’t. It’s about feeling confident and at home in your own skin. It’s about engaging in life. And knowing that you have the ability to negotiate any situation with flare and grace.

I invite you to live vicariously through Montgomery’s and Minnie’s excursions by reading the Travelogue. Get the scoop on the hottest destinations—where to stay and dine, and what to do and buy. From Montgomery’s and Minnie’s truly charming trip to Paris, their foray into the exotic “spice” of Marrakech, and a serious shopping sojourn to London, I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire your own world traveler. See who has made the Honour Roll with the House of Charm Style Council and for extra credit, keep your eyes on Operation Night Vision.

Have a blast exploring my school. Start with Billy’s Recommendations and follow your own path. Stay as long as you like. And visit often. Just no running in the halls.

Headmaster and Style Advisor,